Corporate Services

Galvano Group provides bespoke lifestyle management services not just to individuals, but to corporations and organisations as well. We help our corporate partners become more attractive employers, increase client loyalty, enhance their brand or give offerings the extra edge in the market place. Our concierge service memberships are also handed as special gifts to discerning clients and/or employees. 

„GALVANO GROUP helps you be closer to your clients by providing them the right service at the right time for memorable & unique experiences.“


  •  Client Loyalty.
  •  Unique selling points from competitors.
  •  Staff Loyalty & Motivation.
  •  Access to unique services & suppliers around the globe.
  •  Save money & working time.
  •  Be always up-to-date.
  •  Our members receive outstanding quality, every time.
  •  Business analytics.
  •  Your own mobile App
  •  Membercard
  •  Welcome letter
  •  Integrated with your company back-office
  •  Continuous free upgrades and improvements
  •  State-of-the-art data security
  •  Business analytics
  •  A solution to save all data on own server is possible 
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